Greg can share the process of going from rough ideas to final big picture. He has done full school presentations and small group presentations while he is painting. he believes that murals are public art that should be viewed not only after completion but during painting. Murals are one of the only pieces of art that the viewer can see the process. Most art hanging on walls gives little clues as to how it was created. Greg loves to share how he creates a mural.
Greg has worked with several schools to involve students in the process. That involvement can vary from concept ideation to painting. Greg has run ideation sessions with students to generate concepts for murals. Greg has also designed murals with sections or add on pieces where students can add their very own creativity. Greg understands that there are limitations to student involvement that can affect the quality of a mural and designs them to best allow students to have meaningful participation without sacrificing the final product.
Greg has developed lesson plans for an artist in residence program where he works directly with students to learn firsthand how he takes a small concept/drawing and makes it into a large mural. The program shows student how working together they can create a large artwork that is greater than they could have done alone. Greg can adapt the program for different class sizes, ages and needs.
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