IJ Holton
Middle School
I approach each project as a collaboration with the my client. I first meet and see the site. I usually discuss the the ideas that the client has. Sometimes they are very concrete. Sometimes they are rough ideas. And other times the client is unsure what they are looking for. I see my job as taking what thoughts and ideas the client has and looking at ways they can be turned into a mural. My considerations are how to best show or convey the the ideas in a pleasing visual that takes into consideration of how people will view it. 
I typically come up with 3 to 5 concepts for a mural. I think of them as different ways of solving the problem. My hope is that one or a combination of more than one will match what my client is looking for.Below are 3 concepts presented to R J Holton for an exterior mural that was to represent a student peer program. Click on the images to read the concept behind each design.
Warren Public Library.
Below are 3 concepts for a mural that showed the rich history of the Warren Minnesota area. Click on an image to read the concept behind the design.
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